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Prepare Your Home Now to Sell in the Spring

Prepare Your Home to Move in the Spring right Now
Thinking of selling your home in the spring? Start preparing your home now! Here are some tips to help you start planning and get ahead of any stress you might encounter.
It’s never too early to start decluttering your home. After the holidays, items can start to pile up in your home. Start thinking about ways to make room in your home in order to get ready to sell in the spring. You want to make sure your home is organized so that potential home owners can see how great the space is! 
By the time spring comes around, you’ll want to have a garden grown beautifully for photos and for your open houses. Start thinking about what you want your garden to look like come springtime and plan accordingly. Also, start buying plants and pots for inside your home, although the weather is still cold outside, you can still have a beautiful green house indoors until its time to plant for the spring! 
Make sure to get a head start on any repairs the h…
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September 2019 Home Stats in Ottawa!

Sellers are still doing Well! Ottawa Property Gals have found the Fall Market in Ottawa to be still climbing! With a slight panic from buyers that haven't found a home yet, or have recently sold and want to move in before winter, the home prices have increased. Pricing we did in July or August we had to re-evaluate and go higher! Still multiple offers happening with townhomes and homes that are $500k or less. The Ottawa Market is still doing well and we anticipate it to continue. Check out the Ottawa Real Estate Board Market Stats below. There has been an increase of 11.8% in sales since last September. The average cost now of a residential property is $487,438. An increase of 8.1% from last year! Speak with us or another Real Estate Agent to see what your home could be worth and options for moving.  We are always Happy to Help! 

Am I Priced to Sell by Ottawa Property Gals?
Attracting buyers is the name of the game,  As a seller, you have two goals:
To get the most money possibleTo sell as quickly as you can. Be realistic. Price is the number one factor that most home buyers use in determining which homes to view. Although the price is set by you, the seller, the value of the home is determined by the buyer. Don't allow your enthusiasm to warp your judgment and lead to overpricing - a mistake you can't afford to make. Here are some factors to consider - recommended by experienced residential specialists - to help you sell your home. This information is not all-inclusive and does not replace the expertise provided by a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS).
What Affects Your Asking Price?Urgency. How quickly must you sell?Competition. Are there just a few or many homes available in your price category and area?Available Financing. Does your home come with an assumable loan that is below today's rate?…

May has a great Spring Start in Ottawa's Housing Market!

Even though the weather didn't show it was Spring, it certainly showed up in Ottawa's Housing Market. Check out the Results of May's Inventory and Sales compared to last year. Contact us to see the Best time to List and for more stats on your Neighbourhood and recent Solds! Your Ottawa Property Gals.. Always there to help you find your Perfect! 

January is off to a fantastic start!

Moving to Ottawa?

Moving to the Ottawa Area?Ottawa Property Gals - the experience to help guide your move. Ottawa is our hometown and we can't wait to welcome you to it! The Ottawa Property Gals have the knowledge and experience to assist you and your family with all aspects of your relocation to the Ottawa area. We are intimately familiar with all the Ottawa area communities and neighbourhoods and we can help you to find the right home quickly. We are local experts that can point out the benefits of each neighbourhood you may be interested in. We can point out areas of interest and the conveniences available in each of your neighbhourhood selections. Ottawa Property Gals has an unwavering commitment to service excellence and we provide our clients with the best in buying and selling services. The Ottawa Property Gals will also put you in touch with mortgage brokers that will be able to quickly pre-qualify you for a mortgage - this will help you to better find the right home, at the right price, in the…

Home Inspections

Home Inspections
Buying a home may well be the largest financial investment you will ever make. Naturally you will want to know as much as possible about the property before you finalize the purchase at closing. It's important to hire a knowledgeable, independent home inspector for advice on the overall condition of the property. The purchase contract usually requires specific time periods for each inspection, and it's critical that these time frames be met. Usually the cost for any and all inspections and re-inspections are paid by the Buyer. Prices can range from $450 to $500 for whole-house inspections. Some examples of common inspections are: Structural - Defects caused by poor construction, soil movement, water or drainage conditions, settlement, fire, etc. Environmental Hazards - Including asbestos, lead-based paint, radon gas or any other toxic material. Roof - Can include framing members, decking and shingle condition. EMP- Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing - Should includ…